DIY Junk Removal Vs Hiring a Professional Junk Pick Up Service

December 1, 2017

You have a lot of junk accumulated at your house which needs to be sent to the junk disposal. How about hiring a junk pick up service? you must be laughing at the given advice that why spend on a junk disposal service when you can discard all the junk on your own?

You might be thinking that you can save you money if you dispose of the junk on your own. Think again? Are you really going to save some money or end up spending more money, time and labor? What you do not realize and take into account is that a junk pickup service will actually save you money, time and hassle. There are many disadvantages associated with a DIY junk removal.

Carrying The Junk to The Disposal Is Not Easy

Okay so you think that you can do it, Well, you will need a big vehicle or a truckload, a dolly to carry the junk, some teenagers who will help you in hauling and unhauling the junk and work gloves so that you do not cut yourself and bleed. Considering you are nonprofessional, then you will have to rent the stuff and if you own these things then congratulations, you have just completed the first step. Ok, so now when you have hailed the junk in your truck you will realize that a lot of it is still left and you will have to make more trips to transfer the junk completely.

The Cost Involved

Why you decide to not hire a junk to pick up service, the thought behind it is to save money. The cost involved in DIY junk removal are:

  • The cost of fuel of several trips to and fro the junk disposal.
  • The cost of the landfill fees.
  • The cost of the teenagers who will do you your work.

When you add all these costs they will be equal to or might even be more than the costs of hiring a junk pick up service.

The Effort and Time Involved

If you look apart from the costs, then the effort required for DIY junk removal is more than you can imagine. You would have thought that you will spend your weekend lazing around and not realizing that it will actually take more time than you would have imagined. Several trips to the junkyard are time-consuming. Plus, the process of loading the junk is very tiring. Remember you are not a professional, you will take more time than a professional service. The work you will do might take up double the time you would have estimated. So you will face the loss of time, loss of effort and loss of costs altogether.

Extra Services

The junk disposal companies offer many other extra services as well.

  • The dolly you have for hauling the junk is not a specialized tool whereas a pickup service will have many specialized tools for different types of junk materials through which they will be easily able to load the junk.
  • When you remove big machinery then the floors and walls will have grime and mold collected in the space which will be hard to clean. If you clean using harsh chemicals, it can impose health hazards on you. The junk service also offers the cleaning of the dirt, grime and mold professionally.