What Is Candida Diet? Everything About Candida Diet You Should Know!

December 10, 2017

It is common knowledge now that Candida is yeast infection that lives and grows inside the body if it is allowed to feed on sugars. If not exposed to too much sugar, it is most likely that the yeast outgrowths will never overproduce. Nonetheless, candida yeast infections and outgrowths happen and the best way to deal with them is with a candida diet.

What Is The Candida Diet?

As the name indicates, the candida diet is basically a diet plan that is designed to control and fight the candida condition of the human body. For people who question what is the candida diet it is important for all of them to know that this diet plan is a 100% low or no sugar diet plan! The main aim of this diet plan is to promote good physical health by eliminating the yeast infection from the body.

Basic Rule of Candida Diet

If you are planning to follow the candida diet or have been put on the diet by your physician owing to the health condition - you need to be aware of the one basic rule on which this diet runs. You need to cut down on sugars of all forms in order to make this diet plan effective and fruitful.

Here is a complete Anti-Candida Diet Plan recommended by Dr. McCombs where you can find a list of "Yes Foods, "No Foods" and a list of "Reintroducing Foods" which actually refer as Anti-Candida Diet plan. This detail post is recommended as must read as it debunked some myth about Candida Diet Plan.

Highlights of Candida Diet You Need to Know

So what is the candida diet? This part we have figured out at least up till now. However, there is a lot more to the candida diet. Read below as we highlight everything that is worth knowing about this diet plan.

1. Healthy Proteins are a Must

Proteins are a mandatory part of the candida diet. However only lean cuts of protein and organic eggs are allowed. No red meat that can be hard to digest or break down is to be consumed.

2. Fermented Foods are a Blessing 

Fermentation is a process that converts all carbs into organic acids. Yogurt is the best example of fermented foods. If you have candida, fermented foods should be your best friend.

3. Low Sugar Fruits Only

Fruits should be very low sugars. In general, since fruits are rich in natural sugars they should be avoided to be consumed. Only selective fruits like berries, lime, lemon, green apples and avocados can be trusted.

4. Green Veggies Are Included

Green veggies such as cucumber, spinach, artichokes, asparagus, capsicums and bell peppers are included in the candida diet plan. All vegetables should be consumed fresh and raw.

5. Replace All Drinks with Water

On a candida diet, it is best to replace all drinks with fresh water. Sugary drinks, fizzy drinks, juices, milkshakes and hot drinks like tea and coffee should be avoided.

6. Caffeine Needs To Go Out of the Door

Most people are not accustomed well to caffeine. It is strongly advised for everyone in general to consume caffeine in only restricted amounts since it has addictive properties. If you are fighting candida, then your diet should only contain minor traces of caffeine. It has been found through survey that caffeine elevates the sugar levels in the bloodstream and this can worsen the symptoms of candida in general.