What Are Brazilian Hair Extensions? How to Care for Them

We often see our hair as a reflection of our personality. There is a deeply personal relationship between you and your personality. History shows that hair is a symbol of femininity. Everyone wants to have long and shiny hairs so Brazilian blonde hair extensions are the best choice for them.

What Are Brazilian Hair Extensions and How Much It Costs?

For real virgin human hair, Brazilian hair extensions are the ideal choice. These extensions are ultimate thick and natural looking. These extensions look thick but you will always have a light feeling with it either in winters or in summers. I must say that these hair extensions give you an amazing look as they are super soft and shiny. There are different options for these hair extensions such as straight, curly or wavy. By choosing any of these hair extensions, you can stay in control of your style. You can also curl your straight extension, dye it, straight it and reuse it.

For versatile looks, hair extension clip is available in option. With the help of this clip, you can customize your look for every occasion. There are different prices for different hair extensions according to their colors, styles, and sizes. Uncolored, colored Brazilian Remy human hair and Rose gold hair extension cost around 12,000 to 14,000.

How to Take Care for Brazilian Blonde Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions have become popular because allow women to look good with thicker long hairs. These extensions look beautiful and natural in all ways. Once you get the Brazilian blonde hair extensions, you will have to take care of them also. We recommend you to follow these steps.

Pre-Extension Installation

The key aspect of caring for your extensions is the installation method. Don’t put a needle through the weft, don’t split them and don’t cut them at all.

Post Installation Process

Treat your hair extensions naturally to keep it shiny and soft so post-installation maintenance is necessary. You can use mild shampoos and conditioners for this purpose.

Coloring and Bleaching

These hair extensions are 100% natural just like human beings which means that they are able to be colored and bleached. But it’s also important to not apply more chemicals on them.

Drying Brazilian Hairs

The basic rule to take care for these hair extensions – Allow these hairs to dry naturally instead of using a hairdryer. This is the rule of thumb which should be remembered.

Sleeping with Weaves

In case of natural waves or straight weaves, tie this down before you go to sleep. You should also cover your hair with a satin cap. If you have just taken a bath, let hair air dry and then you can go to sleep. Undo braid after waking up and comb through the hair. You can also braid your hair into a large loose braid at the back of the neck.


To ensure good hair or extensions quality, education is the key. If you will follow these simple tips, you can take care of your Brazilian blonde hair extensions naturally in a better way.