8 Questions To Ask Before Buying Bike

Okay, you have decided to become awesome and care for your physical fitness. You want to buy a bike but you don’t know much about bikes.

Make sure you ask the following questions from the other party before settling for one.

  1. Where to buy Trek bikes?

Yeah! ‘Where to buy Trek bikes?’ You are obviously interested in Trek bikes so you need all the information on the models.

  1. Do you allow test rides?

This is important on so many levels. Let’s say, you pay for a bike and you aren’t allowed a test drive. What if the bike breaks down? The bike could be fake, benefitting from the name of reputable mountain bike brands.

Lay emphasis on asking for test rides.

  1. There are so many Trek bike sellers. Why should I buy from you?

By asking this question, you are actually probing the product. If the other person doesn’t know, chances are he is not very familiar with the bike. You can use his argument against him to reduce the final price.

  1. Do you offer any discounts?

Ask if the other party offers any discounts. Some sellers straightaway say no but once you persuade them slow and steady, they start giving in.

Some brands give exclusive discounts to students. Be sure to avail this offer.

  1. Do you offer a warranty for selling Trek bikes?

It depends on the person – person and company – company. Some bicycle stores offer six months – one-year warranty while some offer a ‘check warranty’ of 7 days.

  1. Is this bicycle unisex or falls either of male or female category?

When asking ‘where to buy Trek bikes?’ know that Trek bikes made specifically for females are designed with respect to providing comfort to the female body. If you are a male and you have accidentally bought a female bike, it is likely that you won’t feel as comfortable as a female riding the bike.

You have spent a lot of time selling bikes. What do you think about the flaws of this bike?

Most people tell this openly so you should openly ask about the demerits of the bicycle and why is the other person selling this bike. Similarly, you can about the merits of the bikes and what makes it different from other Trek bikes.

  1. Does the bike shop offer a weekly group ride? Are all levels welcome for meetups?

Some bike shops and brand stores are connected with their loyal customers. They are part of a rich bike riding network. Ask if newbies are welcome. You will socialize, meet new people and make some of the best bike riding memories of your life.

  1. Do you offer free tunings of old bikes?

This depends on store – store. Some stores offer a warranty card, which includes all bike services, up to a certain period of time. Other bike stores may offer lucrative discounts on their sold products. Since you bought a bike from their store, it is only fair that they reduce their profit margins on already sold goods so that you connect with a brand store on a personal level and become one of their most loyal customers.