Formula Milk Types – How To Choose The Right Formula Milk For Your Baby

September 28, 2018

If you are a first-time mother or parent, you will have to make many choices for your baby and you will be overwhelmed by the number of solutions offered. First thing is the diet and nutrition of your baby. There is no question to the fact that breast milk is the best for your baby as it provides all the nutrients in the appropriate amount. But for some mothers, breast milk is not workable probably due to too many personal reasons. So then your quest will be to find a formula milk for your baby that works best for your baby and is the closest to the breast milk. There are many companies in the market and you can also search for the best formula milk in Japan to get the best. Below is a guide that will help you distinguish between the different types of formula milk and you can choose what works best for your baby.

There are mostly 5 kinds of formula milk available:

  1. Cow Milk Protein-Based Formula

The cow based is the best appropriate form birth and are generally considered the closest to the breast milk. This contains proteins, whey, and casein. These are most easily digested by the babies. You can search for the best Holle organic infant formula milk in Japan in the category of cow milk. You should always refer to your pediatrician before starting a formula milk as your baby might have certain allergies as well.

  1. Goat Milk Formula

You can also start with goat milk formula as it is also suitable from birth. However, cow’s milk has more nutrients. But if your baby is allergic to cow milk formula then he will also be allergic to goat milk formula as they both contain the same types of proteins.

  1. Lactose Intolerant Formula

If your baby gets diarrhea, constipation, or another type of allergies such as rashes, redness on the skin or constant gas and bloating then he might be lactose intolerant. You will need to consult your pediatrician for this and he will surely advise you lactose intolerant milk formula. When you search for the best formula milk in Japan, you will get cow milk, goat milk and lactose intolerant in different brands.

  1. Soy-Based Formula

This type of milk is made from soybeans and is for babies who are allergic to cow or goat milk. However, doctors advise using this milk above 6-month babies.

  1. Hydrolyzed Protein Formula

For babies who are very allergic to cow’s milk, doctors recommend hydrolyzed protein formula. This formula contains all the essential nutrients of a cow’s milk but the protein is hydrolyzed so that the baby can digest it easily and does not develop allergies. This formula milk is only available on prescription.

Once you decide on the type of formula milk for your baby then you will need to decide the consistency of the formula milk. There are 3 types of consistency available in the market:

  • Powder-based
  • Liquid formula
  • Ready to use

You can ask your pediatrician but it is recommended to use powder-based formula until 6 months as it is easier to digest for the babies.