6 Things You’re Doing Wrong On Android

November 14, 2018

Though it’s been quite enough time now that we have been using Androids but even today there are a few things we are doing in a wrong way. Yes, we are habitual of doing that but we have no idea that we are at a mistake. Let’s have a look at a few of such things and I bet you will realize what loss we have been doing to our ever-loving Androids.

  1. Not Updating Software

Well yeah, we get an immediate notification whenever there is a software update but just like me, many other people become so reluctant to update since it takes time and you are not ready to leave your phone anytime. But it should not be like this as developers must have launched them for some reason. Your phone gets weaker and you are prone to have lesser security and receive threat notifications timely.

  1. Answering to Unknowns

Yes, it sounds harmless if you just reply to an unknown number asking about their identity but what if the other person is a hacker? On answering their texts or calls, you are probably sharing your entire phone’s information with them. So, be aware before answering unknowns or maybe just getting a security application downloaded on your phone.

  1. Connecting to Open Wi-Fi Networks

Well, usually we found ourselves lucky if we see some open Wi-Fi networks and immediately connects our phones. Be ALERT guys, an open Wi-Fi means an open threat and your phone is probably going to be hacked. So, when you buy your new phone from the best cheap phone plans Australia, be sure to be safe than sorry.

  1. Shutting Down Background Applications

We think that killing background applications makes our Androids to work faster and long battery life but this is not the case again. We are only consuming more and more battery by reopening those applications again just to shut them down. Just let your android operate its functions and manage things as per its RAM.

  1. Deleting Cache Memory

We all are in the same boat here when we just clean our cache memory thinking it will make some space in our phones but this is totally incorrect. What is happening here actually that we are putting more load on our Androids as cleaning cache memory makes every application on our phones to start from zero whenever we open them to use again. This obviously is putting more load on the processor and hence our Androids gets slower.

  1. Using No or Multiple Antivirus Applications

Ok, these two are the mistakes we often make of either not using any antivirus application or using multiple of such applications. This is totally wrong as we should keep only ONE antivirus application on our Androids to prevent any malware attack or get our devices infected from any viruses. Though it doesn’t promise complete defense yes, you get the basic protection of all your personal data. And this becomes extremely necessary in case of getting your Android snatched by some thieves. You will be able to erase your data through that software then, as even if your phone is password protected but your data can be accessed without even hacking.

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