Replacing Auto Parts: Front Bumper

March 17, 2019

Your car is robust and strong mostly due to the chassis and frame of the car. This doesn’t mean the body of the car is susceptible to damage. The front bumper of your car bears a major portion of the dents and bumps that your car can get. The bumper damage actually means that you save a fortune on frame repair as it absorbs the brunt of the force. This means that over time the car body part needs replacing.

You can get the bumpers at any local store that provide you with great OEM or aftermarket auto body parts. If you don’t know where to look for in your area a quick search on the internet with the term auto parts store near me will show you the options of shops that are in your area or can deliver your area.

Replacing a bumper is one of the easiest things you can do. It is a simple process that you can achieve without having complex technical knowledge and great mechanical abilities. The only things you need for replacing the auto body part are a spanner set, a socket and ratchet set, some wire clippers, a Phillips and a flat-head screwdriver and two wheel ramps that will elevate your car. The following are the processes you should follow while replacing your front bumper.

Finding and Unscrewing The Bumper Cover

The first step for you would be to remove the bumper cover. Although it is most commonly known as the bumper it is actually the cover and the actual bumper is underneath the car part. You should remove the bonnet of the car there near the grilles you will see the screws holding the cover.

Bumper Cover Unclipping

Find the clips that are holding the auto body part. These plastic clips can be found underneath the front side of the car part. Using a flat-head screwdriver carefully remove the clips leaving one exposed. The exposed clip is the one that holds the auto part to the body of your car. For this, you have to use your clippers. After cutting the clip remove the bumper cover and put it on a towel or blanket so that it doesn’t get dirty or scratches.

Removing The Bumper

Use the ramp to elevate the car. After that use a body board and go underneath. When you do look for the bolts attaching your bumper to the car. You will find these on the edge of the car and bumper. Using a spanner you have to remove the bolts and keep them at a safe place so that you can re-use them if necessary. You need to use the spanner and the ratchet set to detach the tensioning rod. After that just remove and put away the old bumper.

Bumper Replacement

You need to first align the auto body part that you got from your local auto parts store online or otherwise. Align it with the frame then put the bolts in place. After that screw the bolts on tightly, make sure that it is completely flush against the bodywork. After that reattach the tensioning rods. Now you can lower your car and start reattaching the bumper cover.

Bumper Cover Re-attachment

First, make sure you replace the clips that were destroyed when removing this part. Then it is just simply pushing the part in place so that the clips attach themselves to the body. This is necessary otherwise the cover will flap in the wind when you drive. After re-attaching it then just simply screw on the nuts and bolts near the grille and you are done.

Happy Driving

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You see replacing the part is quite easy. To be honest it sometimes seems easier than finding the perfect auto body part for my car. Anyone can do it and I’m sure you can too now. Make sure you do a final check before taking the car out and see if everything is holding its place. After that well, Happy Driving.