Top 5 Amazingly Best Things to Do In Pismo Beach

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Pismo Beach, you’ll find plenty of things to do. From a wide range of amusing things, we’re going to know about some special and the most attractive ones. While you’re in Pismo Beach, you’ll be able to discover a relaxed vide of the central coast.

Also, this is the home of the largest clam species and some amazing surf competitions of California. If you like to fly into the air, you have to go nearby San Luis Obispo airport. Or, you can go by road through the legendary US Route 101.

What You Can Do In Pismo Beach


Before you make a plan to trip in Pismo Beach, take a look at the following list of things to do. It’ll help you make your list competed with simple efforts.

It’s because we have made it after huge research throughout the internet. So, let’s know about some incredible things to do while you’re in Pismo Beach. Remember that, this list not includes the romantic things to do in Pismo beach. For this, we’ll write a separate article later on.

1. Dinosaur Caves Park

Most parks don’t come with quite an exquisite view, but this park provides an ideal setting for its 11-acre bluff park. This park is not just a place of adult entertainment; it’s great for your kids as well.

Also, it’s near the resorts that you may stay at a walking distance. And it’s just right down from the beach access. If you like breathing in the fresh air, this is a great place with beauty, wide space, and convenient.

2. Downtown Pismo Beach


When you’re on this beach, you’ll find specialized restaurants with seafood and fries. Also, you’ll get music form beachfront bars and there are souvenir shops and many more things.

Moreover, the beach has a blend of exciting busy culture with laidback and casual beach style. When there is a warm afternoon, don’t forget to get to wander right through this downtown Pismo.

3. Monarch Butterfly Grove


It’s an amazing thing that every year happens. Thousands of different colors vibrant butterflies gather together at this extraordinary spot. If you visit the grove from November to February, you’ll be able to see them together in clusters.

The butterflies come here mainly in black and orange masses and they get nestled among the trees of eucalyptus. But, the grove is a calm place regardless of the season to enjoy tall and shady trees in nature.

4. Oceano Dunes


While visiting it, you’ll find out a thrill-seeker in you. Or, you’ll be enjoying the warmness of a beach beacon. It allows you doing whatever you like to do with an adult playground of 11-acre.

You can rent a car for a race or drive your personal car throughout the rolling sand dunes. Also, you’ll be able to soak yourself in the sunshine along with the stunning ocean view.

5. Central Coast Wine Country

It’s just in waits for you with rolling vineyards and luscious grapes that need just 10-minutes from the coast. With the growing reputation and popularity, the region is famous for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.