What Is the Difference Between Euro and LED Tail Lights?

With car markets buzzing with car fanatics nowadays, the race of getting ahead is faster than ever. The difference between Euro and LED tail lights is quite significant both in terms of price and shapes, which actually influences the tail light assembly buying decisions of car owners as well.

Euro Tail Lights

In order to describe the difference between Euro and LED tail lights, you will first need to understand the difference. Back in the early days, Euro taillights were simple, modest and did not have any distinctive style. As time went by and with the introduction of high-tech xenon assemblies, Euro tail lights as well started to gain better shapes.

Today if you observe, you will see that Euro taillights are more complex in shape. The projector beam look is the best example. Manufacturers nowadays provide factory provided projector beams to almost every car they manufacture.

While this does not only improve looks but also helps in better vision on the road. Previously Euro tail lights were just made up of a smooth, one-piece glass outer surface. Later on, the glass lens that were frosted were replaced with clear plastic ones, enabling us to have a look at the multi-faceted mirror that were shaped in different patterns.

Led Tail Lights

LED tail lights have taken over the world in a very short amount of time, mainly due to the fact that they possess many advantages over ordinary bulbs. LEDs are proven to last longer and are more energy efficient. But all that aside, the biggest advantage of LED bulbs is that it takes very less amount of time to light up as compared to ordinary bulbs. Since LED bulbs are also small in size, they are quite helpful when it comes to saving space as well.

Euro Tail Light Types

Euro Tail Lights come in Clear, Black and Smoke variants. These colors describe the assembly of the tail lamp, color of lens cover and background piece color which is bezel.

Lens Cover

As already mentioned, that Euro Taillights come in different variants. Let us share some basic difference between them as well. Having a “Clear” lens cover means that it does not have any sort of a tint or coloration at all, you will be able to easily and clearly see the bezel background. Having a “Smoke” lens color means that, the cover will have a tint somewhere in between slight to being heavy. Whereas in “dark smoke” case, you will observe a bezel background which is black along with having a tint layer on the cover lens. Since such things maybe illegal in certain areas or states, it is suggested to check with the law before going on to make the purchase. The last on the list is “red” design, which you normally see nowadays is the most popular, embedded with high degree of red tints.


Since the variety in Euro designs is overwhelming, in some cases the prices will be as well. Based on the budget and preferences one may never go wrong with either Euro Tail lights or LED Tail lights. As always since the choice is yours, you may make decisions based on function, affordability and looks of tail light assembly.