6 Car AC and Heating Problems You Should Know

Air and heat conditioning systems do not require that much maintenance, for the most part, they are maintenance free unless some problems arise. Let us discuss these problems.

1. Leaking Refrigerant

A leaking refrigerant maybe the first cause of your air-conditioning failing. It can occur due to different reasons and in some cases it is difficult to pin-point the location. You can observe to see any liquid coming out or surrounding certain connections or pipes to see the exact location. Sealants that are made exactly for such purpose can also be bought from retailers, which will help you in finding where the leak is taking place.

2. Radiator

Radiators need to be perfectly healthy regardless of the season. It is the first thing that can cause trouble to your car altogether. A faulty radiator will heat up the car, resulting in the AC shutting itself of and the engine as well. Since the radiator is made up of different components such as fuses and fans etc. You should regularly check the water level amongst other things to make sure that it is working at its optimum. In addition to that, the air conditioning fan also happens to be in the same place, you can turn on your AC to check if the fan is working or not.

3. Blocked Condenser

The condenser’s job is to re-cool the refrigerant once it has gone through the compression process. It makes use of the air coming from the front. If incase there is some debris, collected on your condenser, it might negatively influence its performance and make it throw hot air. Condensers are located on the front and can be easily inspected by taking the grill off. If required, you should get it cleaned to resolve the issue.

4. Broken Condenser

A broken or a cracked condenser may also be the problem. Since a cracked condenser can cause disturbance to pressure, the resulting air may not be that cool. Damage to the condenser can be caused due to debris passing through the grill and puncturing it. If you notice that the condenser is broken, the only way for you to resolve the issue would be by replacing it. You can get a blower motor replacement from reliable online stores and local shops.

5. Electrical Issues

Every vehicle comes with its own set of electrical system. Comprised of fuses and wires, there can be a number of external factors causing the issue. The first thing you will need to do is, look out for anything that might seem suspicious. A broken wire maybe causing the problem. When dealing with electrical issues, it is better to take the vehicle to a professional if situation is not that serious to avoid damaging the entire electronic circuit.

6. Bad Compressor

A bad compressor is an expensive fix. Compressors normally give up when they have not been used for quite a while and are suddenly turned on, which gives them a shock. Hence, it is suggested to keep them in running condition regardless of the weather.


Now that you are aware of the problems, still make sure to get your vehicle checked from professionals especially in case of leakages, and do blower motor replacement if required.