How to Improve Your Pickup Truck’s Performance?

September 19, 2019

Do you want to make your Chevy truck run like a new one? You have got to consider many important things for this purpose. Below are tips to improve the performance of your truck.

1. Regular Oil Change

Mechanics and other experts believe regular oil change is what the truck owners should never miss. New engine oil keeps the engine in its original form and improves its performance. Delayed oil change will stress out the engine reducing its capacity and affecting the truck performance.

2. Rotate the Tires

As you drive, the front tires get more pressure, wear and tear and damages. After a certain distance has been covered, the tires are worn out and safety is compromised. In order to avoid this, regular rotation of tires is mandatory. It maintains tires in good condition without reducing safety measures. 

3. Wheel Alignment is the Key

If you drive in rough terrain areas, it is normal to have wheel alignment disturbed of your trucks. That is why it becomes really important to improve the wheel alignment to keep the trucks in their original shape. Distorted wheels will affect the truck performance leading to accidents and damage to the truck. 

4. Maintain Fluid Levels 

All the mechanics emphasize on one factor when it comes to improving performance of the trucks. That factor is the maintenance of fluids in the engine. There are a number of reasons why fluid level should always be maintained if you are serious about the truck performance and maintaining its shape. 

5. Refresh the Truck Engine 

Once in a while, the truck engine should be given a complete and thorough refreshing. This will have great impact on the engine leading to boost in the performance of your truck. It also reduces the chances of engine failure, often repairing issues and cuts down maintenance costs. 

6. Monthly Inspection and Repair

Every month, a date should be fixed when you will take the truck for inspection. Air filters and spark plugs and other failing parts should be replaced. You can buy Chevy parts online and then get them installed by your mechanic. During the regular check, you should also get your Chevy engine checked for any tuning. 

7. Regular Service of the Truck

Tuning and service are two different things. Tuning relates to the internal repairing, engine care and fluid levels. While service is all about cleaning the exterior of the truck that includes paint, body, seats, windscreens and other parts. You should wash it every month or get it to the professional wash service. 

8. Use Quality Shock Absorber 

It has been seen many drivers use low quality shock absorbers which are cheaper. But they actually deteriorate very soon. You should rather use quality shock absorbers which can be a bit expensive. But they last longer and improve the ride quality to a great extent.


When it comes to boosting performance of your Chevy pickup truck, repairing and maintenance is vital. Maintain fluid levels, check tire pressure, get regular service and protect the engine. If you’re buying Chevy parts online, go for reputable stores.