What Are the Limo Companies Doing to Spread COVID-19?

October 23, 2020

People are scared to go out for COVID-19 attacks. But thanks for the travel restrictions. Also, the virus is still spreading in the whole world. But people need to go out for work and need to travel for that. For minimizing the spreading risk, the limo service becomes strict.

For more safety, limo or corporate bus services makes a premium option better than a public taxi. As the airport transport, taxi is the popular option. But this is not the best idea always.

Also, it is not much comfortable and hygienic. The reason is it does not have any cleaning time between fares. But, the limo service gives safety as a priority. So, they take care of it properly.

Chauffeurs Safety Measures Process

Clean the vehicle after and before each ride. The limo companies like airport limo service sanitize their fleet after and before all trips as they clean it so that you may trust their service than another service. Also, they disinfect every high-touch area, air vents, ceiling lights, window buttons, door handles, armrests, seats, headrests, and many more.

Wellness Screening and Health

They check the temperature by the non-touch thermometers. This is a fantastic thing for the ride. Plus, if they find any illness sign, the system cancels the ride.

Moreover, they immediately arrange to send the patient to the hospital. Also, they do not allow any passenger without wearing a protective face mask.

Keep a Front Seat Empty

This virus attacks from person to person and objects to person. For highly secure issue, they keep a front seat empty. This is the way they maintain social distancing as well.

Ensure Air Circulation

Moreover, the driver will not use an air circulation system in the car. The air circulation system will be off, and they will allow entering fresh air. So, the passenger will not feel discomfort.

Safety for Passengers

They avoid sick passengers. You are sick but still traveling and using public transport. Then you are putting others at risk. So, they maintain high precautions for ensuring the passenger’s safety.

Plus, the passenger should also be careful of the situation if you are COVID-19 positive, then never use any ride. You should cancel the booking.

Cover Up

As all of you know about the virus, and it attacks from surfaces or person. So, take all precautions. Always protect yourself by wearing an N95 mask, clothes, and gloves that can cover your skin.

But if you do not use gloves, then make sure that you wash hands often. This is the way you can disinfect yourself.

Mind the Hands

When the vehicle comes, never open a door. Also, your elbows and hands keep to yourself. Do not touch the face, nose, eyes, or any other part of the body after touching any other objects. The reason is the virus might be there and can attack you.

Carry the Alcohol Wipes

This is not possible that every object will be properly clean and virus free. So, carry the Alcohol Wipes for extra precautions.