4 Things You Should Know Before Painting Your Walls

Painting can be enjoyable if you know how to do it properly. If you live with lifeless, monotonous white walls, the thought of painting has come to your mind. Oh, so you don’t like painting? We feel you; nobody likes it! Painting can be a very tedious and hectic job overall. Home interior painting can make a statement with splashes of various colors. But with painting tools, coloring your wall is very easy and convenient. But before you take the painting tools in your hand, here are some things you need to check out.

1. Prepping A Room

Preparation is important. So, clear out the room and try to move out as much furniture as you can. If you are painting the living room, move the large furniture to the center and cover them up with an old sheet or clothes, this way, you will avoid the paint staining your furniture. Wipe the walls down might seem like an additional step, but it’s necessary to make the paint of your wall look vivid. You should also fill nail holes and or cracks with spackling. Taping the adjacent walls and window trim is very helpful.

2. Testing The Paint Color

Determining a particular color can be very tricky. You always get confused as to which one to apply and how it will look in the light. If you have a color in your mind, try doing a patch test on the wall. When the paint dries, observe the color both day and nighttime. This will give you an idea of which one to go for. However, if you are unsure of the color, buy a few different color samples and do a patch test. You can also do a side by side comparison and see which one looks good to the eyes and the wall.

3. Decide for The Colors and Patterns

This can be overwhelming. Let me tell you! However, you don’t need to fear the color. Try a few different colors and see how it goes. Do you know that colors can impact your mood and speak a lot about you? For example, dark colors and textures add depth to space. However, they are not suitable options for smaller rooms, as the dark walls will make the room appear smaller and narrower. If you have a small room with no natural light, light colors do exceptionally well in opening up space and make it seem more significant.

4. Choose The Right Paint Finish

Your paint finish says a lot about your walls as well as your home. High gloss paint finishes look extremely luxurious and are easy to clean. However, it can easily highlight an imperfection in the wall. A flat paint won’t make the scars or cracks apparent but is susceptible to damage. If you can opt for an eggshell finish as it has a mild glossy finish to it and hides imperfections.

There you have it! Some important tips before you get started with your paint job. Oh, and use primers before painting. In the same way you can also get started with marble floor polishing companies. The primer lets your paint stay for longer than a wall that isn’t primed.