5 Reasons Why You Need Barbering as a Career

October 30, 2020

Have you gone to a barbershop before? Have you wondered how it feels to have your barbershop and save people from having a bad hair day? Do you want to expand your creative expertise in hair cutting department? If you said yes to all of the questions, then this job is for you! Barbering is a creative, relaxing, and learning experience; it’s not like those boring typical 9-5 jobs that make you roll your eyes! The job of a barber is to transform people from drab to divo/diva. You would feel like a fairy godfather or godmother doing a makeover.

1. It Is Not a Typical Desk Job

As said earlier, it is not a 9-5 job, and you should not treat it like one. If you don’t like the idea of sitting all day in the office and working your ass off, you need something encouraging and creative. Nobody likes staring at the paper shredder but cutting hair is relaxing; trust me on that. Also, you work with your clients and can have loads of fun working in the environment. And if your clients once like your hairstyle, congratulations, they are now your regular clients. You gain fame and recognition; that’s a bonus!

2. Getting Your Creative Juices Flow

In a barbershop, there is no limit to creativity. Sometimes the customers themselves are so creative and fluid to hairstyles it would make your creative juices flowing. You work with various types of shears and scissors, play around with clippers, style, and trim; however, wish; there is full freedom. You can try on beard styling as well; it’s becoming more fashionably acceptable to trim and style your beard. So you can

3. You Are Always On Demand

Indeed the demand tanked a little during the 60s, but it got back on track. The demand for barbers will always be there and there will always be a need for shaving and haircuts.  The industry is also growing very steadily. Some have also speculated that the demands of hairdressers and barbers will rise more in the future.

4. The Work Is Flexible

Barbershops are businesses that require no fixed times, and barbers most of the time are self-employed. This means as a barber; you can handle your marketing and set rates. If you work on commission, you might not have that much flexibility, but you also don’t have to worry about scheduling appointments.

5. You Are the Savior

As mentioned earlier, you assist in making people look better by giving them a better haircut. You are a savior; you save a bad haircut day! Whether they are preparing for a job for an interview or getting dolled up for an anniversary celebration. They are relieved that you exist! This means that you have their back and will do your magic to make them captivating!

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