What Qualities to Look for in the Best Golf Towels

You’ll need the right tools for a good golf outing. Professional and amateur golfers alike know the importance of getting the proper facilities. As a result, the average golfer spends $2,776 per year on the sport.

That’s a significant sum of money, and the golf towel is just a tiny part of it. However, the right microfiber golf towels will make all the difference in the course.

Even weekend golfers who don’t have the financial resources to purchase top-of-the-line, art-of-the-best equipment are hunting for the best golf towels. After all, they’re one piece that can make a big difference without costing a lot of money. Every golfer desires the best golf towel available.

So, where do you look for suitable golf towels? Consider the following considerations before you look for “plastic golf tees”.


A golf towel that doesn’t absorb moisture easily is one of the most aggravating experiences on the course. A towel that doesn’t absorb the water is absolutely worthless.

Check to see if the towel you’re considering purchasing is made of absorbent fiber. Look for 100% cotton or a waffle-weave microfiber construction. Absorbency is crucial when it comes to washing and drying towels for appliances and personal use.

Cleaning Capacity

Choose microfiber if you want a towel that is incredibly easy to clean. Microfiber is the clear favorite when it comes to cleaning efficiency when compared to cotton. A microfiber towel can attract dirt like a magnet.

You should use it without a doubt on your lavish clubs and hoops. It extracts soil without scraping it and gets the job done without leaving a trace on plastic, glass, chrome, or any other fragile surface.


The right golf towels are easy to find. This necessitates a golf towel clip that is easy to open and shut. You’re doing it wrong if you waste more time on the course to set up your golf towel clip to close it.

Spend a few dollars on new towel clips to prevent the hassle, inconvenience, and focus-draining moments that a bad towel clip will cause. Get a swivel towel clip if you want to keep your towel stuck to your bag at all times.


For personal-use golf towels, the feel is most important. You want it to be soft. It’s not supposed to be slick. Cotton is the best bet when it comes to personal-use towels. It is much more pleasant to the touch than microfiber.

That’s why most golfers bring a cotton golf towel for personal use and a few microfiber golf towels for washing and drying equipment to the course.


The size of your towel should be determined by how you want to use it. For those casual golf games in warm weather, a smaller golf towel would suffice. You’ll need a thicker, super absorbent towel on more demanding courses and in warm conditions.


Some golfers are fortunate enough not to have a golf budget. They can purchase whatever is advertised as the best. However, if you’re like the bulk of golfers, you don’t want to splurge on a golf towel — and you don’t have to! The finest golf towels can be cheap; you just have to look for them.