Top 4 Hotels in Paris to enjoy your vacation

December 5, 2017

The complete Paris experience comprises of you choosing the best place to spend your nights and parts of days in because every minute brings adventure in this lively city.

To accommodate these needs of yours after you’ve dealt with your airport car service Paris reservations, we have accumulated a list of incredible hotels for you where you can make every night an incredible stay to remember. The list goes as follows:

1. Hotel Providence

For 139 Euros a night, getting a double room with an incredibly speedy Wi-Fi enabled is a magnificent incentive to stay in Hotel Providence, but why has it taken the top spot in our list?

To begin with, a five-minute walk from the hotel will bring you to a famous covered food market in town, three stops down from which you will arrive at the nearest metro station. And as secure you can feel outside the hotel, the aesthetic nature of the French capital can be felt to a much greater level inside the hotel where the rooms are decorated to be nothing short of cultural marvels.

 The rooms are equipped with bespoke mini-bars of their own, and you can enjoy fine dining the options you have around the standard sized hotel, and all for extremely affordable rates!

2. Le Bristol

Reaching Avenue Matignon through your airport car service Paris reservations is an incredible feeling in itself simply because of the beauty surrounding the area, but the pleasing feeling to know that you are staying at the premier Le Bristol can be sensational.

 For 821 Euros a night you get the opportunity to stay surrounded by some of the best boutiques and art sellers on the planet. As if the original 1925 décor was not enough, the Epicure restaurant adds the extra topping to the excellence offered by this hotel to anyone placing living luxury over the traveling part of the tour.

3. Hotel Mathis

Another beauty located on Avenue Matignon, the main market station for the city, offers rooms at the cheapest rate of 92 Euros which is surprisingly low for a busy four-star hotel of the city.

Hotel Mathis in Paris

The spectacular location of the Hotel Mathis and the unrealistically low price perhaps compensates for the heavy decoration found in most modern hotels, but we feel the trade-off was simply too good for the hotel to be disregarded. More than a hotel, the 23 different rooms, and the homely food make up for an exciting stay in Paris.

4. Mob Hotel

Your airport car service Paris is bound to pass by the Mob hotel if you are heading to Metro station 13 which connects the Mob Hotel to perhaps the rest of Paris very easily. For purely traveling purposes, easy access luxury rooms for 105 Euros a night is an exceptional deal considering how most places near the famous markets are likely to charge a lot more.

 Apart from a standard restaurant, there’s also a healthy snack bar for anyone wanting to stay fit on the go, which should be first priority while staying in Paris!