8 Fun Facts About Sofas

Sofas are probably the best invention for mankind. Your perception can change its purpose and perhaps take it to a whole new level; you can fall asleep on your sofa at comfort while watching your favorite TV show; you can study at peace in silence of your house; it is where your guests settle down; and it is where you are bound to find your lost TV remote.

You know you search for things like furniture upholstery shops near me all the time when it’s about your old sofa. So, today we are going to look into some of the most amazing facts that are hidden alongside those stubborn food crumbles.

  1. Meaning

The word “sofa” is driven from the Arabic word “suffah” which translates to a bench. (Fun fact: Sofas are not widely popular in the Arab Culture-That’s right; their guests sit on the floor with comfy cushions to support their backs).

  1. 17 Types

Sofas come in all shapes and sizes. There are altogether 17 known sofa types you could choose from, while renovation your place. Some of the sofa styles include Cabriole, Camelback, Chesterfield, English roll arm, Sectional sofa, Lawson style, chaise, Sofa cum bed etc.

  1. 587 Jumps

A sofa’s strength can withstand pressure to a certain extent. Yet they are very sturdy. Thus, you need not worry about kids using your sofa as their trampoline. An average sofa can bear as much as around 587 jumps so start counting.

  1. 800 Sittings

If you are an owner of an average sofa, you can expect it to host around 800 sittings. Now get a notebook to keep track of how many times you have sat on your sofa. Just kidding.

  1. Lifelong Furniture

Your sofa is with you through your thick and thin. Take a look at your sofa and flashback to the times when you had a fight with someone, cuddled with someone, or had a party where your sofa was the ultimate victim of spilled drinks. All those times, yet your sofa still manages to remain steadfast and stick around for some time more. And if it shows wear and tear, search for foam seat cushion replacement services.

  1. Look Beneath the Sofa

The sofa is your lost and found. Now be honest; when you lose your remote control, or your kid’s toys what’s the first place that comes to your mind to look for. There is a pretty good chance you are going to say the sofa. Let’s just leave it to that.

  1. Piggy Bank

Apart from toys and TV remote, a sofa serves as a really great piggy bank in most houses.  Whenever you get some time on your hands, make sure you take a look at the treasure your sofa holds; I’m sure you’ll be left surprised.

  1. Home to Bacteria!

Sofa hosts more bacteria than guests. Here’s to your new fear! Your sofas- in fact, everyone’s sofas are packed with bacteria from the food crumbles that fall off and sometimes even bed bugs. You may clean them from time to time but that won’t keep your sofa from getting you on the sick list. But then what better way to strengthen your immune system? Just make sure to avoid eating the food that falls on your sofa. God knows what creature has crawled upon your comfort while you dozed off.