Woolworths Mobile Vs Telstra Phone Plans Face-Off

You might not find fresh food people quickly to your mind when you’re talking about phones. But, because of plans with great value, Woolworths Mobile successfully has made a name in the providers of Australia. Indeed, this one is the only provider that sells different types of phones other than Big T on the Telstra network. So, if you like to get a new device based on contract within a cheaper price then it could be your attractive option.

But, this post is based on the face-off of Woolworths Mobile Vs Telstra phone plans. If you note, then you’ll find that Woolworths Mobile is a part of the Telstra network. So, this may make you wondered how a part of a company can be more challenging. You’ll get the answers easily if you read the entire content regarding these two mobile service providers.


It’s true that Woolworths Mobile a part of Telstra network, but it can’t use the entire network of Telstra. It can reach up to 98.4 percent of the Australian people to deliver their mobile service. But, when it comes to the Telstra network, it reaches up to 99.4 percent all around in Australia. Although you might think it as a simple difference, it may affect when you’re in remote and rural areas.

Phones On a Plan

Outside of three big carriers, Woolworths is one of the mobile service providers that sell phones on contract basis on a plan. but, it’s usually limited up to OPPO and Samsung mobile phones. When it comes to the question of devices, the plans are somewhat the cheapest as well. For example, you’ll be able to get a Samsung Galaxy S10+ handset from Woolies for $84.11 for every month along with a 10GB bonus data.

But, if you compare it with Telstra, you’ll have to pay $114 for every month for the same handset. Generally, you can just 3GB plan with this price, but there is a 50GB plan as well at the same price.

On the other hand, Woolies mobile plans have a standard duration of 24 to 36 months. If you want the lower monthly bill, then you’ll have to choose the second plan. It’s true these plans are based on no-contract so you can leave them whenever you like. But, you’ll have to make the payment of the remaining amount of your handset.

SIM Only Plans

In the comparison of SIM-only plans of these two providers, you’ll find it a little bit pricey of Telstra plans than Woolworths. But, you can grab their bonus data offer on their SIM-only plans as they have some current promotional offers. For example, they have two offers that allow you 60GB for $59/ month and 90GB for $89/month.

Besides, you’ll not get huge data on Woolworths SIM-only mobile plans, but you’ll find them quite cheaper. So, you can choose from the middle two options in term of value if you’re looking for something like this. You’ll pay $30 and $40 per month for 10GB and 22GB data respectively.