Beginner’s Guide to Wallpapering

1. Measure the Wall

The first thing you need to do is find out how much wallpaper will be required. For that, you’ll have to grab a measuring tape and measure the height and width of the wall you plan to cover. After this do a little math and multiply the two to know the area of the wall. However, if you plan to cover more than one walls then repeat the same for each wall and add up the areas of all the walls to get the total square footage. Once you know how much squares of wallpaper you need, next you need to know how many rolls of wallpaper you will require so that you place an order for it. For this divide the total square footage which you just calculated by the square footage of each roll.

2. Choose Your Favorite Wallpaper

This is a very difficult stage to pass especially if you’re an inconclusive person like me and always require a second opinion. Take your time to make the right choice, do keep in mind the interior of your room while choosing! Also, I suggest you should go for pre-pasted options so that you skip that messy step and do keep in mind the number of rolls you require and the price of each roll to ensure you don’t overrun your budget.

3. Deal with The Repeating Pattern

This requires a lot of math so if you hate math, I am alerting you! To get a step by step guide and clear procedure I suggest you go through this helpful guide.

4. Prepare Your Wall

This is a very important step as sticking of the wallpaper depends on how well you performed this step. So prime your wall with a primer and a roller and for the edges of the wall use a brush. Make sure you do this a night before you put up that wallpaper. So that the primer has got enough time to dry.

Moreover don’t forget to map everything on your wall like mark whether you want to cover only the center of the wall or want to cover the whole wall but from left to right or from right to left. For marking lines you can use a level and a straight edge.  Make sure you map it, trust me it will make your work easy.

5. Prepare Your Wallpaper and Start Hanging

If you bought a patterned paper make sure to decide where you want your pattern to start from. If the roll doesn’t start from the pattern you desire, you can always consider trimming it but don’t forget to use a straight edge before cutting. Lay the paper facing downwards on the floor and apply just a little amount of warm water in circular motion with your hands so that the surface gets wet and not soggy. When you have applied water to the top third of the paper fold the paper back in on itself and align seams. This process is called “booking”. Now unfold the booked paper and hold it up to your starting point then finally Line up the edge of the paper on your starting point and smooth into place. To avoiding a bubbly paper press out the bubbles with a plastic smoother and wipe out any extra paste with a sponge if there is any.

6. Smooth It Out

Now press the wallpaper at the edge of top and bottom of the paper’s panel. Cut out any extra paper if needed.

7. Repeat

Now hang the second panel next to the first one in the same way and ensure that there’s no overlapping.

8. Final Smoothing

Smooth the edges of the paper with a roller and you’re done!

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