The Types of Car Antennas and Their Functions

So you are out on the road and you can’t tune into your favorite radio station. Or you went to get coffee and are parked outside. When you came back you see that your antenna is gone. Radio whether we admit it or not makes our driving experience better. So whenever it is damaged or stolen we start to miss it. But the good thing is that it is pretty easy to replace. You can find OEM car antennas in any local dealership.

The Automotive antenna sector is a booming part of the automotive market. It has a wide variety of aftermarket choices including universal car antennas along with OEMs. So what fits your car? Well, to know that you need to know the types of car antennas. The following passages we will be discussing the types of automotive antennas so that you can make an informed decision when replacing.

OEM Antennas

So these are factory antenna assemblies. If you are having trouble with the radio and you see that not only the mast but the assembly is damaged. Then you need to change it. Rust, corrosion, and collisions with debris are big factors in damaging the car antenna assembly. When there is damage to the assembly it is wise to replace the entire thing. OEM automotive antennas are going to be the safest and easiest choice available to you.

However, they are pretty expensive considering other types. Even though it is expensive you should always first check the price and antenna types. You can do it easily by calling up your local dealership or checking online. There are automotive parts comparison sites where you can find a vast inventory of products with their prices. Who knows you may even find the perfect combination of price and quality at the same time.

Aftermarket Antennas

One of the most common and cheapest antenna replacement is replacing the fixed mast replacement. Fixed mast antennas are generic universal car antennas that fit all size. This means that it is almost impossible for you to find an exact match of the OEM antenna. But the function is pretty much the same. If you are looking for an inexpensive replacement with the same functionality, then you can easily choose a fixed mast antenna.

So if you had a fixed mast car antenna then you can upgrade it to a motorized aftermarket antenna. Or if your car already came with a motorized one then you can simply have it replaced with a cheaper antenna with keeping the functionality intact. The name obviously is a giveaway. These antennas extend the mast when in use and retract when done.

It’s that simple. These are however significantly more expensive than your average fixed mast variation. But it usually is a worthwhile investment. Although, if you never suffered a broken mast or had the mast stolen you can’t understand. Fixed masts break easy and because they can easily be unscrewed from the assembly. This is why many drivers invest in a motorized automotive antenna when replacing.

Know What You Want

These are the main types of automotive antennas available. If you are looking to replace your own car’s antenna, then you should go through this very thoroughly. Make sure you know your choices and you know which will be the best option for you. Once you do you can go ahead and purchase the antenna for replacement.