Top 5 Ultrasound Imaging Device Manufacturers in 2020

January 12, 2020

The global market for the ultrasound device is expanding and is the business of the manufacturers. But just like almost all other industries, the market for ultrasound devices is also fragmented with a few large companies with the majority of market share. The key players are taking up strategies like expanding globally, product development, long term contract with hospitals and clinics, etc. to stay at the top. Smaller players like Samsung, Hitachi, etc. are trying to get to the peak. Today we will discuss the top 5 manufacturers of ultrasound imaging equipment in 2020.

GE Healthcare

Having headquarters in Chicago, GE Healthcare is an American conglomerate who is the top ultrasound diagnostic imaging system manufacturers. They are also a distributor of these equipment and they also manufacture and distribute radiopharmaceuticals for imaging modalities. Of the things they manufacture, market patient monitoring, diagnostic imaging system, cardiac devices, and healthcare IT solutions are some. They have operations in more than 130 countries. They manufacture and market various types of ultrasound equipment through the healthcare systems sub-segment.

Philips Healthcare

Philips Healthcare are the manufacturers of ultrasound imaging equipment, diagnostic imaging systems, equipment for cardiology, and patient monitoring devices. They have lots of other businesses, e.g. consumer lifestyle, lighting, innovation, group and services, etc. Their healthcare segment provides imaging systems, patient care, and monitoring solutions, etc.

Siemens Healthineers

Siemens Healthineers AG is the parent organization for lots of medical technology companies and their HQ is in Germany’s Erlangen. They are a big supplier of medical imaging technology, diagnostic, and health devices. They’re also a big player in the digital and enterprise services and in molecular diagnostics. They provide software solutions, medical technology, clinical consulting services. Their healthcare business is divided into 5 parts- diagnostic imaging, advanced therapies, ultrasound, laboratory diagnostics, POC diagnostics. They operate under their brand name: Healthineers.

Toshiba Medical Systems

Toshiba is the biggest player in Japan and is gaining global market share in the healthcare industry. They offer diagnostic ultrasound systems, diagnostic X-ray systems, MRI systems, and diagnostic nuclear medicine systems. They also provide medical imaging solutions and 3D/4D ultrasound products.

Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics

Shenzhen is a public company that was founded in 1991 in China. They, too, are a global top player when it comes to medical devices manufacturing. They operate under three segments: patient monitoring and life support products, in-vitro diagnostic products, and medical imaging systems. They also make and supply orthopedic products, endoscopy devices, and healthcare IT solutions. Their medical imaging systems segment makes and supplies ultrasound systems used in medical fields, for instance, urology, gynecology, obstetrics, cardiology, MRI, etc.


The healthcare industry is also changing due to the innovation in technology. Clouds and modern software are making things easier. Big companies are holding most of the market share but this doesn’t mean that there is no scope for smaller players. As the market is growing, there are hope for smaller companies before the market gets saturated.