What Cat Products Do Cats need?

October 5, 2022

Before you can bring your newly adopted or purchased kitten home, there are some things that you should purchase beforehand by looking up cat products near me. Even though cats are relatively less demanding pets than dogs but still have some basic needs. That said, let’s take a look into the products your cat will need, and you should consider purchasing them as soon as possible.

1. Gentle Wipes for Healthy and Clear Eyes

Gentle wipes are meant to keep your cat’s eyes healthy and clear, especially if it has eye boogers that need to be removed. Without them, you will be using your hands to clean the eyes, which can injure them and be disgusting.

Thankfully, gentle wipes help cat owners easily wipe away their eyes without having to wash them using bleach afterward. However, make sure that you are very gentle while cleaning your eyes. Take your time and choose thin wipes.

2. Travel Bowls

Cats are energetic animals that love to run and chase around things, but that does not necessarily mean they will join you on a hike. However, at some point, they will have to travel in your car, so you need some travel bowls.

For instance, if you are on a break and want to spend holidays with your loved ones, you would want to have a travel bowl with you so that you can easily feed your cats. You can stash the bowls in your bag and prepare meals within seconds.

3. Self-Cleaning Brush

Cats are known to take over whatever they like. However, as cute as your cat might look sitting on the couch, the hair will make you dread it as soon as it gets up. To prevent that from happening each time, you should invest in a self-cleaning brush so that you can remove all those little fine hairs that tend to lose and fly away.

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But make sure that some cats run away from brushing and related products. So, you will need to calm your cat down first and make sure it does not run away mid-process.

4. Timed Feeding Bowl

Perhaps the most difficult part of owning a cat is developing and maintaining the feeding schedule. The last thing you would want is your cat waking up in the middle of the night with its hunger cries. So, investing in a timed feeding bowl will make your life much easier.

All you need to do is set a time on the bowl for feeding. Instead of your cat expecting and begging you for meals, it will beg the machine and will be provided with meals on time. This will surely make you wonder if your cats have been waking you up in your sleep throughout the week.


In the end, the products highlighted above are more of a necessity than a liability. Investing in these products will ensure your cat continues to live a healthy and trouble-free life. If in a hurry, search on Google cat products near me and find stores that are close to you.