What’s Included in A Typical Spiritual Healing Retreat

You have been a corporate slave all your life. With a job, family, relationship responsibilities, you hardly find time for yourself. Now, your health suffers and you sometimes feel going through an existential crisis.

This is not something unique. Everyone goes through these sorts of feelings. When one experiences these feelings, it is time to retreat towards a spiritual healing technique.

The Retreat

There are a lot of spiritual healing retreats and all of them are proven to be effective. We will share some reliable spiritual healing techniques:

  1. Traveling

One of the most enjoyable spiritual healing techniques, traveling helps you explore your inner self. You leave your city, you leave your country – you get to know about the mentality of other people. You realize that you are not the center of the world.

This helps you decrease your tension and you feel yourself, in harmony with the universe.

  1. Meditation

This spiritual healing technique can be defined with one word – concentration.

You simply have to sit at a secluded spot and think. Think about yourself – what you were in the past and what have you become? What are your goals and how will you achieve them?

Traditional self healing meditation techniques include focusing your concentration on a point (something you are seeing or even your nose, for example) and you concentrate. After a while, you feel calm and peaceful, as if your own conscience is giving you answers about life.

This spiritual healing technique is advised to be practiced at the time of sunrise and sunset. You can also combine the spiritual healing technique of covering one knows with the thumb while breathing from the other. Now repeat this with the other. This balances your energy and your physical diseases like blood pressure feel controlled.

  1. Yoga

An ancient spiritual healing practice – experts say that you can look younger than your age if you correctly perform yoga. Yoga involves meditative breathing, in which you have to perform certain exercises while carefully exchanging the ebb and flow of respiration. To make Yoga workout enjoyable, find like-minded people or become associated with a group. Pick places like lush green hilly areas, away from regular hustle and bustle of the city. Being near nature would be good for your physical as well as spiritual health.

For best results, it is recommended to perform 3 – 4 astanas, with one astana ranging around 10 minutes.

  1. Namaz

Practiced my Muslims 5 times a day, namaz follows a spiritual healing pattern. It is a physical exercise as well as a spiritual one. You need to perform ablution (make wet certain parts of the body) and then pray at the direction of Kaaba. Words have specific actions of our body. The words used in Namaz make you calm and you feel that life is just a temporary phase and ‘this too shall pass’.

If you carefully perform the positions of Rukoo, Sajda, and Qayda, you will feel better. Watch the namaz procedure on YouTube to develop a better understanding of it.