Tip for Selling Products on Amazon with A Short Guide

December 11, 2020

Find out the platform for selling the eCommerce products might be a difficult job. For this issue, the SaleHoo group researches every eCommerce platform. Their goal is common, and they give it a priority.

The primary focus will be on one topic: Amazon! Here, you will know about the account setup process also, what you should do when you do not have U.S citizenship.

Before you look for a “dropshipping website builder,” know the process of listing products, shipping items, and getting info about the fees as well.       

Countries Selling on Amazon

All the countries do not get permission to sell products on Amazon. There are some rules and bindings for selling products on Amazon. So, if you have permission to do it, then check this list once.

Do not get confused if the country name is not included in the list. We are here to provide you with a solution. When your country is not on the list, you can also set up the store or shop on Amazon. But you can’t collect the profit amount.

Set Up the Account

If you want to set up the account on the platform, you can do it easily. However, you need to follow some guidelines for making the account. Make sure you are providing all the info properly and correctly. There will be 2 types of accounts.

They are Professional and individual accounts. An individual account is the best option for a small seller. The reason, they sell fewer items. If you are planning, not the full-blown store, then the individual account is for you. 

Do you know the process of how the individual account works? Should you pay for the account? Have you got permission to do whatever you need? For the experienced stores, the professional account will be a great option. Also, they sell many items within a short time as well.

Try to know that the professional account is perfect for you or not. The professional account pays 39.99 dollars monthly. But who owns the professional account gets a discount of around 0.99 dollars on each item. So, think about it.   

Tax Verification

Moreover, Amazon makes the business popular within a short time. The reason, they do not collect sales tax. This is the thing that makes their business more attractive.

But now, tax is a big part of selling on Amazon. For verifying the tax withdrawal, need to have the number of social security (SSN) or (TIN) ID number of tax.

If you are not a citizen of America, you do not need it. So, fill the tax form and submit it. Amazon will verify soon and if there is any issue, then contact customer support for help. 

Listing Limitations

You should have the knowledge about Shopify dropshipping websites. Though Amazon is not much strict, there are some bindings for selling products. Like, what products you may sell or not on the website. Illegal drugs and photos aren’t allowed to sell on Amazon.

This is a crime, and if you try to do so, the account will be deactivated. So, before selling anything, know the detailed info about it.