Outsourcing a Bookkeeping Service vs. An In-House Bookkeeper

December 18, 2020

Most small businesses don’t require a full-time bookkeeper working 40 hours a week only to maintain the books. Sometimes, company owners make the mistake of attempting to handle it independently or delegating it as an extra responsibility to an all-purpose administrative assistant.

However, it doesn’t work. It takes precious resources away from the vital activities of prospecting, marketing, servicing consumers, developing facilities and goods, recruiting staff for expanding the company.

Bookkeeping also fails when entrusted to an intern as a part-time job since most general administrative personnel are not bookkeeping experts. They do not know the standards and are not up to date with the technology relating to bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping for tradies is a concept that has recently been talked about. You will get these benefits by outsourcing bookkeeping services.

#1 An Unbiased Financial View

An external business for bookkeeping has nothing to do with your organization. Its aim is to give you a good view of your company’s financial state, not to pat you on the back and reassure you that even though it’s not, everything will be OK.

A bookkeeping service will do just the accounting work needed to keep the company up and going and to show you the financial strengths and limitations.

#2 Avoidance of the Conflict of Interest

It can be dangerous for individual firms, such as alliances, to entrust one of the shareholders with accounting. There may be an accidental mistake in bookkeeping, but the fraud allegations may potentially ruin the business partnership.

An owner may be in the role of making a decision between what is better for himself and what is best support for small businesses. This isn’t to suggest that he wouldn’t put the company first. Still, if anything went wrong, people inside the company may worry about his motives.

This pitfall is avoided by using an impartial bookkeeping service. It will raise trust among owners that all accounting records are trustworthy, reliable, and without prejudice.

#3 Save Money

Clearly, it has advantages to not make a full-time employee come to the office, reducing your expenses. But quality outsourcing services does not come at a low price.

However, as you cut your bookkeeping and accounting expenses, you’ll also save money. And that’s not because you’re getting a bookkeeper at a discounted rate who works halfway around the globe in a call center. You actually save money because you just pay for the things you use, save on the expense of infrastructure, and get better value for your money.


Many organizations don’t necessarily need a full-time bookkeeper to devote 40 hours a week overseeing their accounts. When you hire a bookkeeping service, he/she is dealing with ledgers online for you. Still, he is a full-time employee of another company.

The accountants handle the books regularly for however long as it takes, and then move on to the next customer.

However, to answer your questions or provide reliable, timely financial reports when you need them, they are always available by email, phone, or other online platforms. You have a quality bookkeeper, but you just pay for the hours that you need.