An Essential Throw Blanket Buying Guide For You

Room accessories can make or break a bedroom, and there are many choices when it comes to throwing blankets, so how do you choose the right one? Aside from ensuring a unified look, there are also issues of fabric and scale to consider.

A throw blanket may be tucked into a chair or boldly spread as a duvet-substitute and decorative element in the bedroom. If you’re looking for the best weighted blanket, here’s how to make sure you really get what you need.

Choose a Fabric That Works for You

Most throw blankets are made of polar fleece (which is perfect for insulation) or microfiber (a breathable alternative to cotton). Because they’re thin and easy to travel with, but if you come across a fiber mix, pick, take it. Not only can the blanket last longer, taking much less lint rolling, but it will also look more comfortable straight away.

Try a sherpa fleece/polyester mash-up, which is excellent for wicking away moisture, or go for faux fur throw blanket if that’s your style. These will turn your average throw blanket into something much more strong than the comforters crammed in the hallway closet.

Natural fibers are also excellent alternatives, but they are usually thicker. Although vellux may attract you, it is more popular in hospitality (the fabric is the preferred choice of most hotels) than in the home.

Sizing Made Simple

Although beds do not necessarily meet uniform size dimensions, there are several basic guidelines you should use when shopping for a blanket for your bedroom.

If you’re dressing a twin bed, a measurement of 51 by 60 inches should suffice. A full/queen bed should be 68 by 80 inches, and a king bed should be 88 by 104 inches.

The same idea extends to couch-blanket buyers. If your sofa is on the smaller side, start with a full-sized blanket and work your way up.

Figure Out the Weave

Weave provides yet another set of options from which to select. Each weave’s markers are temperature and weight, and each has its own range of advantages. On the other hand, Knit is a tight weave that provides excellent body heat protection, so if you prefer anything hot and heavy for the colder months, knit is the way to go.

Knit throw blankets are the most intense kind of throw blanket available, and they are extra-warm for the colder months. Knit is not for you if your throw blanket’s intent is primarily decorative rather than functional. Thermals are most often found in cotton because it is looser and encourages air to flow more, making them ideal for summer.

Dine Out on Design

A throw blanket is a perfect way to show off your unique personality. They provide much more flexibility than most space enhancements. They can add a spicy finishing touch to a minimalist bedroom in terms of both design and texture.

If your home’s color scheme is more subdued, you may choose a lighter look or stick with neutrals but play with different fabrics. Whatever you do, you’ll be comfortable for the rest of your life.