7 Facts About Acura You Must Know

September 5, 2019

Acura had raised eyebrows when it first launched. The world had its eyes on the reveal and they were not disappointed. While it was made to compete with its rivals, it did and did it very well. Let us share some interesting facts for you to know.

1. Brand

Honda originally manufactures Acura under its luxury division.  Even though the brand was launched in 1985, it had not received its current name until 1989. Headquarters being located in Tokyo, Japan, it was previously named Channel. It has been in business since 1985, making it the oldest luxury of Japanese marque.

2. Name

The name marquee is Latin and is quite common in other languages as well. Translating the name provides accuracy, thoroughness and reliability as meaning. The current new word, Acura reflects the exact same principle and aspect of the brand.

3. Sales

Honda’s luxury division had sold more than 100,000 vehicles in the early June 1987. It was not long when Acura became a legend and then further went on to become the best-selling foreign car that was premium in the US.

4. First Launch

February of 1989 saw the launch of Acura NS-X at Chicago Motor Show. It was presented as a Japanese car that was the very first supercar with mid-engine. It impressed the world for being the first production car that had its chassis and bodywork made of aluminum. Acura did not have to wait long to bag some feathers in its cap as it went on to receive two awards, “Best Car of the Year” and “Best Design of the Year”.

5. Secret to Success

Honda and other Japanese automobile brands have always been known for their reliability, comfort features and performance. These exact same things made Acura a success. It was a blend of everything. It was low maintenance, provided luxury and comfort. What else could anybody ask for? In fact, Kelly Blue Book rated Acura as the top brand of luxury based on 5-year cost of ownership, keeping in mind Acura parts warehouse and its affordable auto parts.

6. Clean and Green

Hybrid cars on the road are nowadays more than ever. The awareness about climate change has made people take initiatives and step up to save the planet. A research that took place in 2012 by a non-profit organization Ecology center highlighted that Audi S5 along with Acura and Toyota Prius were the cleanest cars on the planet. 

7. Safety

Honda Acura has been considered as one of the safest cars in the market according to the tests conducted by the United States Insurance Institute for highway safety. The institution had tested different safety features of the vehicle especially the braking feature that passed with excellence. With every passing day, companies are moving towards building better and safer cars. It is not a liability, it is a necessity, especially for cars that are built to be driven faster. 


Honda Acura has amazed everyone in numerous aspects. Whether it is maintenance, speed, performance, reliability, you name it and Acura will top that. There are also many Acura parts warehouse from where you can buy Acura auto parts in need be, which makes it a customer friendly brand too.