6 Benefits of Choosing Water-proof Women’s Rain Jackets

Even if it’s raining cats and dogs, it’s not an excuse to skip going to your workplace. Umbrellas can keep you dry and they are quite handy as well. However, one downside of an umbrella is that they aren’t that strong to resist heavy wind. Once it malfunctions in the wind, be ready to be drench by showers of rain. That’s why an umbrella isn’t the best option to carry during heavy wind and rainfall. Enter rain jackets! Men and women’s rain jackets can be very useful. They are available in various shapes, sizes, lengths and colors. This is not the only benefit of a rain jacket though.

1. It’s Water-Proof Also Wind-Resistant

See, I told you, the rain jacket is the best! It’s not only waterproof but also has wind-resistant qualities and abilities. These jackets can help you with wind-resistant qualities. Not only the jacket keeps you dry but it keeps you warm as well. For busy people who frequently goes out for work or studies, owning a rain jacket is necessary.

2. It’s Breathable

Most of the rain jackets are made of breathable materials so that you don’t feel like exploding in the heat. Because of the breathable material, some of the women’s lightweight rain jackets can also be worn on days when you wouldn’t be showered with rainfalls. Even better! You can wear it in the Autumn or earlier months of winter.

3. They Are Stylish

If you are a stylish lady and like to own everything trendy and has an eye for fashion. These jackets are surely going to blow your mind away with the versatility of their designs.

4. They Are Lightweight

They are extremely light-weight. They are also available in pouches which makes them extremely portable and you can store them anywhere. You can even carry it in your bag or purse, unlike an umbrella. Now, you don’t have to drench yourself during a surprise rain, carrying the jacket with your anytime, anywhere and you are waterproof as well.

5. It Fits Plus Size Women

Many waterproof clothes don’t come in various shapes and sizes. It can be annoying for curvy women. Waterproof dresses should fit everyone despite body shape. This is true for rain jackets as you still get to wear them even if you are plus-sized.

6. Mobility

The nice thing about rain jackets is that you can move freely while wearing them. If you wear a jacket that fits you perfectly, it will help you to move more freely. Unlike other waterproof attires, you get more coverage and protection from rain as well. That’s why a rain jacket is more preferred than any other rainproof wears.

Choosing A Rain Jacket

While choosing a good rain jacket your first priority should be to check if it’s water-resistant and durable. Then check if it fits you or not. Next, check if the material is breathable or not. The more breathable the clothing material is the more easily the jacket will dry up. Two-way zipper, mesh ventilation, pockets are some of the other features to look for when choosing a rain jacket.

If rain jackets aren’t your best suit, you can also go for water-resistant clothes, ponchos, anorak, etc. whatever floats your boat! Besides of that, choosing women’s hiking boots wisely is as good as choosing the perfect rain jackets.