Practical Tips to Choose the Best Hiking Poles

January 25, 2021

Do you love hiking? And are you searching for a hiking pole? If you are, then today’s discussion is going to help you. We will talk about the importance of hiking poles. Also, we will present some tips and tricks to select one right and best-hiking poles for you.

We have noticed that most of the hikers make a common mistake when they go hiking. And that is they forget to carry and using hiking poles. As a result, they may face lots of problems while during hiking and after as well.

So, to enjoy the hiking and avoid any problems the trekking poles are the right choice. So, let’s have a look at the below for further info about the best hiking poles.

Advantages of Trekking Pole

Firstly, you have to know the advantages of the trekking pole. Mainly, the pole helps distribute the pack’s weight and your body onto the knees and arms. When hikers use the pole for the first time, then their arms may be sore.

Even this sort of pain can stay for a few days. Also, hikers will feel that they are walking with a tightrope. Now we will tell you how the poles help you while hiking.

First, it will prevent one from falling while crossing the river, rocks, log bridges, muddy patches, and steep downhills. It will also help you measure how deep the muddy patches are and one can step in or not.

Features of Trekking Pole

From the above, you already know that how necessary are the poles. Now we will discuss the features of the hiking poles. Well, the pole comes with stable ski poles that perform well for easy storing.

Mostly, the poles come in three or two-piece sections. However, you will get more storage in the three-piece section rather than the two-piece one. Also, three-piece poles come with the max connecting part that ensures stability.

Lastly, three manufacturers are available according to the perfect hiking length, such as slide and unfold lock, flip lock, and twist lock. These three features indeed are amazing. 

Shock Absorbers

One of the amazing things about the hiking pole is it works as shock absorbers. Mostly, the poles come with a soft impact that provides comfort feeling to your arms. You can consider it like your car.

The cushion that comes with the spring and it locate at the pole’s joint sections. However, sometimes the spring can make you uncomfortable. In this case, you can set the spring as you need.

Material and Weight

If you want to buy a hiking pole, you first have to check its materials and weight. You have to keep in mind that you will carry this pole while hiking.

So, it is very crucial to select the ideal materials with the ideal weight. So, select one Aluminum or Carbon Fiber pole that comes with 1 lb. weigh. Also, our advice is to select cork and rubber grip.


The baskets can be helpful when you hike on the snow or soft ground. Mostly, the baskets prevent one from stabbing in the ground. So, select one hiking pole that comes with the bigger baskets. Beside this hiking poles you should look for the best handheld GPS so that you can enjoy your hiking safely.